About Us

We See The Big Picture

C7group is a consulting services and training company founded in 2010. We help organizations better engage, communicate and collaborate with customers and employees. C7group gives our clients the tools and practices required to mitigate risk associated with employee use of social media. We leverages best in class software technology including community platforms, social intelligence solutions and other web and mobile technologies.

Small Business Suite of tools Nimble Mavenlink Google Apps Quickbooks Hootsuite Buffer App Mailchimp

We Are A Small Business

Applying our agile philosophy to digital work methods means that we carefully select our tools so they work together easily. We operate on Google Apps and prefer applications for CRM, email marketing, social media management and project management that play nicely with the Google Apps environment.

Making It All Work Together

Most tools aren’t quite plug-and-play. Yes, it’s easier to get up and running on most applications like Nimble than it used to be. There are still plenty of ways to smooth out your transition to a new tool, integrate the rest of your applications and minimize the steps it takes to get things done. Our practice ensures the best tool selection, set-up and workflow to be productive with the work and not getting the software right.