More and more of our customers are using social media to carry on conversations about our companies, our products, and our competitors. Often we know nothing about these conversations. Keeping track of the comments and questions our customers share with their networks is difficult and time-consuming. Until recently, there has been no good structure to let us listen and respond to our customers in an effective and productive way.

Social Customer Relationship Management (SCRM) adds new and valuable information to traditional Customer Relationship Management (CRM). How? By linking customers’ social media data to their transaction data. In addition to the internal data that traditional CRM collects about your customers, SCRM adds what they do outside their relationship with your company. SCRM captures data on what customers search for, what they like, and what opinions they share from social networking platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs.

Adding social media to the mix lets you see which customers talk positively or negatively about you, or not at all. It allows you to maptheir social media connections and affiliations. It expands your understanding beyond the perspective you get from internal data. You can respond more effectively to questions, suggestions, and complaints from existing customers, and see who in your customers’ networks might be good prospects for future sales. And you can do it with a platform that integrates with your existing marketing and customer service software.

Designed for small and medium-sized businesses, Nimble is the next evolution in SCRM – a social relationship manager that unifies all of your contacts, emails, calendar activities and the most popular social channels (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) in one easy-to-use, web-based solution.

Geek Speak LLC shows small businesses how to create and manage a digital identity that leads to better results and more productive employees. Our expertise in education, marketing, social media, and communications will empower you to improve relationships with your customers, increase revenue, and boost employee collaboration and productivity. Geek Speak can help you:

  • develop a social media policy linked to your company culture
  • implement an integrated SCRM platform that links customer information from social media with internal information from sales, customer service, billing, and marketing.
  • train employees to make the most productive use of these tools while improving security and avoiding unintended consequences

Our services are delivered through

  • presentations
  • consulting with sales, customer service, billing, marketing and other departments
  • group and individual training