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ICT Sviluppo, Nimble Solution Partner, aiuta i clienti nella acquisizione ed il mantenimento delle relazioni di business.

Aiutiamo le Aziende ad acquisire le nuove tecnologie di customer relationship management (CRM) per acquisire vendite e per gestire i servizi di marketing e customer service.

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ICT Sviluppo, Nimble Solution Partner, enable clients to acquire new customers and maintain existing business relationships.

We help organizations leverage the latest customer relationship management (CRM) technology to close the sales, marketing & customer service loop.

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Nimble will help you grow your business.

Imagine a product that would help manage your contacts, keep you organized, and enable you to leverage the power of the internet all in one place. Nimble is the new tool for companies that are looking for a simple product that will help them be more productive and profitable.

Nimble is Easy to Use

Unlike bloated CRM and sCRM systems, Nimble's familiar interface and easy-to-use feature set enable you to easily locate business-critical information, to collaborate more efficiently across teams, and to build deep and trusting relationships with your prospects and customers.

Unified Communications

Nimble focuses on more than just customers - its unified contact, communication and collaboration features empower you to build relationships with anyone who might positively affect your business growth, wherever they happen to be communicating.

Tailored to You

The flexible pricing structure and scalable functionality of Nimble are designed to grow with your business as it grows, rather than locking you into a product that is too complex and too expensive for your needs.

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