Vizyx Social Dashboards

Whether your firm is large or small, managers and workers need concise information delivered in a timely fashion and in a format that is helpful. Visyx pulls information from across disparate systems including Nimble to provide dashboard experiences that are accessible on desktops, laptops, smart phones and tablets. And Visyx dashboards are always fresh with the latest social information that matters to your team.

Blending Social  and Operational Data

Visyx can liberate important business data from Microsoft Excel and Google Docs spreadsheets as well as desktop ad network storage systems to provide carefully blended views of social and operational data. Vizyx employs very reliable web services to securely harvest and manage key performance data and transform it in ways that is far more useful for dashboard applications.


We’ve used our extensive XML platform to build dashboards for customer service, social media intelligence, social network performance monitoring, newsroom intelligence, RSS feed quality monitoring solutions, and even marketing dashboards with ads and the key data your customers want to monitor. The possibilities are endless, and Visyx also works with large television displays, providing a great solution for conference rooms and other large display areas.